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Travel to campus the other way!

Have you ever thought about a smarter way to travel to the Energy & Health Campus? Then here’s your chance!

With the ‘Getting There’ trials we challenge ourselves to use the car less often and to travel smartly from home to work and back. Try an e‑bike for free for a week! This way you can immedi­a­tely experience how comfor­table and quickly you get used using an e‑bike. Or if you prefer you can choose to carpool for a good cause! Carpoo­ling is fun and offers more than you may think. It expands your network and you get to know other campus collea­gues. Whatever option you choose. it’s healt­hier, better for the environ­ment and good for your wallet.

Will you join?

This spring it may be again.

These are the Getting there mobility pilots

as of April 13 you can parti­ci­pate again.

April 13 untill June 6

Use the e‑bike for a week for your commute. It’s free!


  • It’s good for your body.
  • It’s good for your mind.
  • An e‑bike is suited for longer distances than a regular bike.
  • No sweat (liter­ally) — the pedal assis­tance makes biking less strenuous.
  • Using an e‑bike is cheaper than driving./li>

Join! Carpool for a good cause!

Carpool more often? Driving to campus with a campus colleague and for charity? Carpoo­ling is fun and offers more than you might think. With the ‘Toogethr Rideshare’ app you can arrange it safely, simply and quickly.


  • Enlarge your network and get to know your campus colleagues.
  • Useful and flexible: the app matches you with other EHC collea­gues. You plan each ride separa­tely so you don’t have to drive back and forth with the same colleagues.
  • You can save on your trave­ling expenses.
  • Ride sharing is more sustainable.
  • It’s sociable: have a chat or a work meeting during your journey.

Not available at the moment

The on-site bike mechanic will check it for you.


  • Free check-up for your bike.
  • Check-up is performed by a profes­si­onal bike mechanic.
  • The frame and moving parts will be checked. Simple adjust­ments are made immediately.
  • Done while you wait (10 to 15 minutes).
  • Your bike is ready for the winter!


Did you know that cycling is good for both body and mind?

Scien­tific evidence for this has been bundled for The European Mobility Week.

Get further with
Getting there.

With the “Getting There” mobility pilots we want to give you more options to travel to and from campus and we are intro­du­cing more options for our commute. We challenge ourselves to leave the car at home more often and to travel smartly from home to work and back. By smart travel we mean cycling safe, using an e‑bike, driving together and/or using public trans­port. By trave­ling smart, you are not only healthy, you also have the oppor­tu­nity to interact with other people working on campus. It’s good for reducing CO2 emissions and it’s also good for your wallet.

The Mobility Action Program was made possible in part by the Energy & Health Campus partners.